Please be aware that this information may be transferred to a server located in the United States for metrics and storage. – Framed artwork Command hooks are really the best thing I've found for hanging wreaths, garland and stockings on my mantel, door, or wall, without nails! I really like the effortless look of garland draped along the top of the fireplace mantel, but this just wasn’t an option for us. You could use 3M Command hooks, which are small, clear, and can be removed without leaving a mark. hooks and clips do a great job with securing things to a mantel. Item #16090. Start with the center one, then measure so the remaining ones are evenly spaced. Nick built this fireplace for our living room two years ago and while it’s a beautiful design element for the space it also has an important purpose. Take a picture hanger, trim the hook and add a zip tie loop. for pricing and availability. ... I’m going to use some large Command hooks for my other mantel… To secure the middle of the garland, use a Command™ Medium Wire Toggle Hook on top of the mantel. To remove just twist 90 degrees and pull. However, after some consideration, I changed my mind and decided to swag it on the front so I could set a few things on the mantel. These Command® Adjustables™ repositionable 1 lb. Secure the garland by wrapping a pine branch around the hook. For many years we didn’t have a fireplace in our home, so come Christmastime we always hung our garland along the stairs. Faux garland has come a long way and there are so many realistic-looking options to choose from. Garland is an easy way to incorporate holiday greenery into your home, it festive and natural without feeling overwhelming. We put nails going down the mantel every 18-24 inches or so (I don’t measure) and then as you are draping your garland … Attach clear command hooks on the top edge of the ledge in the places you want the peak of your garland. Command Small Wire Hooks, 16 Hooks, 24 Strips, Organize Damage-Free. and green vine twist ties. If you're going to hang a garland on your mantle this Christmas, you want to make sure it stays in place all season. So because these doors open to reveal our TV I was limited in how we could hang our garland. ... Christmas Mantel Decor with Lighted Garland at Grace in My Space. Consider a Scandinavian design aesthetic with black-and-white statement pieces and subtle touches of natural elements. The garland should look as if it’s falling in a natural cascading effect. Earlier this week we shared our holiday home tour, This year I took my time while decorating our home, Sometimes all it takes is a bow to add a festive t, Step by Step Guide to Decorating a Beautiful Christmas Tree. To hang the garland on my mantle, I used Command hooks and hid them with strategically placed pieces of holly berry. Compare; Find My Store. GETIT Mantle Clip - Original Christmas Stocking Holder Hanger for Mantle, Fireplace Stocking Clip Ho… I used white command hooks that support 5 pounds (larger hooks just to be safe!) Remove the red liner from the strip and press adhesive to the hook. 4.6 out of 5 stars 25,139. They will require a little bit of repair after the holiday season, but for us, it was the best way to secure the garland to the fireplace. Gently drape the garland across the mantel (according to your liking) and … However, because I swagged the garland on the front of our mantel and the detailing on our fireplace I didn’t provide a flat surface for command hooks I used small eye hooks instead. Press hook to the surface and hold for 10 seconds. A stair banister is a beautiful alternative (or addition) for garland. You could try something less permanent like command hooks, but I can’t speak to that because I’ve never tried it. Thank you for signing up! You need to hang your Christmas garland evenly and make sure it stays up on the mantle. Should your shelf not be open like mine, Command Hooks is another way to hang garland on a shelf. Originally I had just set this garland on top of the mantel like I did in previous years. The information you provide will only be used to subscribe you to emails, offers, and/or promotions and as further described in our Internet Privacy Policy. But before I share my tips for hanging garland on a mantel, I want to talk a little bit about our fireplace. Thank you! Command Hooks come in a variety of styles, some with hooks and some with a more velcro-like system. One hook on each end, and two in the center. Our step by step guide will share how to create an effortlessly festive look by hanging garland on a mantel. Just like a Christmas tree, artificial garland requires some fluffing and shaping to create a natural and realistic look. Throw in chunky knits, and you’ll have a cozy oasis to entertain guests or relax after a long day. How to Hang Garland with damaging your walls. Put 3 command hooks on the top of the mantel with the hook part facing outward: one in the middle and two on each end. Greenery is a color for all seasons, and we love seeing it throughout the home. Hang hooks on the side of a fireplace mantel, making sure they aren’t directly above the fire. Yes, I intertwine them and once they are all intertwined I add lights! Once secure, fluff the branches of the garland to cover the hook so that it’s not visible. Take your Command™ Timeless Brushed Nickel Finish Large Hook out of the package and separate the strips. Your email address will not be published. Note: Most garland is now sold out, so make sure you order early next year! The best part: Command™ Products remove cleanly when you’re ready to take your decorations down or add something new. We knew a fireplace was exactly what our living room needed, but we didn’t want the TV to be the focal point, so Nick designed this fireplace to hide the TV when not being used (you can read more about the fireplace and find the plans here). You will put the command hooks backwards on top of your mantel. I am so glad we added miniature trees to the girls, This view looks a little bit different this year a. I wish our dining looked this tidy at the moment! Tucking in a few accent pieces like pinecones or berry stems is a simple way to add dimension and interest. Subject: Hang garland on a fireplace mantle without command hooks or nails? An error has occurred while submitting. No screws, tape or command strips. Model #7714175SLO. You can see how adding multiple garlands really helps to create a substantial piece. 75-Pack Plastic Ornament Hooks. Remove the black liner from the hook. Required fields are marked *, A place to find design inspiration, entertaining ideas and simple recipes. Use … Whether fresh or faux, garland is a simple and easy way to add texture and a pop of colour to any home during the holiday season. After 10 years of not decorating for Christmas, I'm so excited to start my Christmas decorating! You should receive a welcome email with additional details shortly. – Garland of greenery Your email address will not be published. This setup is ideal for decorating year-round, as you can easily swap garland and banners for holidays, baby showers and other celebrations. An idea: insert tiny hooks at the back of the mantle, where it meets the wall. If you’re going for a more drapey look, however, you can still use the Command hooks and … Rustic Luxe Christmas Mantel … $9.99 $ 9 ... More Buying Choices $8.99 (11 used & new offers) [Fireplace Stocking and Garland Hanger] - Each Mantle Holder Has Two Hooks for Dual Purpose - Hold Christmas Stocking and Hang Garland … It conceals our TV! NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims. Once the garland is hung, work your way from one end to the other to ensure each tip is straightened and pointing in the same direction. If you haven’t used them yet, they are little hooks with a non-damaging adhesive double sided tape on the back. I used a combination of three different garlands to achieve a full look. If you’re not using fresh garland, you’ll want to invest in good quality artificial garland. Start by clearing off your mantel and attaching the 4 command hooks. NOTE: For maximum holding strength slide hook … To use, slip the hook under a siding lap and it locks into place. Command hooks are really the best thing I’ve found for hanging wreaths, garland and stockings on my mantel, door, or wall, without nails! Model #V … I use these 3m Clear Command Hooks and these white hooks (if you’re a reader of mine, you know my love … Whether fresh or faux, garland is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add a festive touch to any home during the holiday season. They can be used on many surfaces, such as painted, stained or varnished … It’s a simple touch but adds a festive feel. I snapped some quick cell phone pics tonight to show … I hung the boxes in order, and plan to fill them with a mix of candy treats, … However, because I swagged the garland on the front of our mantel and the detailing on our fireplace I didn’t provide a flat surface for command hooks I used small eye hooks instead. – Command™ Black Large Picture Hanging Strips Display an eye-catching garland with Command™ Clear Large Hooks. – Command™ Clear Large Hooks See more ideas about christmas stockings, christmas stocking holders, winter christmas. – Command™ Medium Wire Toggle Hook Beautiful! 61 ... Mantle Garland and Stocking Hanger (3 Pack) Item #1443142. We used command hooks to layered our stockings at one end, and hang a strand of vintage-inspired brass bells. Anonymous My parents do that every year and just put the board away with the rest of the decorations … First, I started by using Command™ Small Wire Hooks across the entire … Both Command™ Small Wire Hooks and Command™ Indoor/Outdoor Light Clips were used to hold up the garland. Select a lightweight graphic print or two, and use the strips to hold your frames in place. I simply weaved floral wire through the garland and then through the eye hooks to secure. Here’s how I hang our garland. Instead, we swagged it along the front so that we could easily open and close the doors to our TV. Attach Command Hooks to the top of the mantel. Also, do they all have lights in them? When it comes to holiday decorating command hooks are a life-saver. If you do not consent to this use of your personal information, please do not use the email system. Command™ Black Large Picture Hanging Strips make it easier than ever to discreetly display your favorite artwork. Hook one end of the garland to a command hook. Dec 27, 2014 - Explore Betsy Ambrose's board "Mantle "hooks" for stocking hanging." Take a few minutes to. My garland swoops down on my fireplace front so these hooks keep the garland in place! Enhance the visual appeal. Hi Jeannie! Do you just layer one on top of the other or do you intertwine them? Sign Up and get Special offers, valuable coupons and more, Command™ Black Large Picture Hanging Strips. (The hooks are placed … on Pinterest. What he did was use heavy duty Command hooks to frame his garland along his small mantel is and hang his stockings under the garland to hide the hooks … To secure the middle of the garland, use a Command™ Medium Wire Toggle Hook on top of the mantel. This is Brady’s beautiful home but as you can see he doesn’t have a deep mantel. See in this post how I used them to hang garland from a door frame. Once your garland is in place, you may want to accessorize. They are inexpensive and don’t cause damage when removed. Most of our snow has melted, but I'm hopeful we wi. A fireplace is an instant focal point, so give your mantel and surrounding space the chic, damage-free makeover it deserves. For our garland, I just lay it across the top of our mantel and use a few Command hooks to secure it.

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