The Council was established by a number of Acts of Parliament, and an Auckland Transition Agency, also created by the central government. Councillor Jean Curl. [15][16] The report was released on 27 March 2009[17] and the government subsequently announced that a "super city" would be set up to include the full metropolitan area under an Auckland Council with a single mayor and 20–30 local boards, by the time of the local body elections in 2010,[18][19] though it also changed some key recommendations of the Royal Commission. My proposal to elect the Governing Body of the Auckland Council (which would require significant legislative change), is based around a 40-seat council (headed by a separately-elected mayor).,, Plans, policies, bylaws, reports and projects, Consents, building and renovation projects. Collins said at the time it was a budget that would hurt a lot of people in South Auckland. Auckland Council's projected budget blowout could more than double to $1 billion, a new forecast suggests. [28][29], The mayor is directly elected by voters living in the Auckland Council area every three years by postal ballot using the first-past-the-post voting system. Auckland Council is the largest local body in Australasia. The two Canadian speakers are known for their controversial views on feminism, gender, Islam, and migration. It is a territorial authority that has the responsibilities, duties and powers of a regional council and so is a unitary authority, according to the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009, which established the Council. “Jim will be supported by councillors and local board members and a leadership team that navigated some very rough seas over this year. [63][66], The main proponents of the CCO system, Prime Minister John Key, Local Government Minister Rodney Hide and Transport Minister Steven Joyce, remained adamant about the introduction (and the appropriateness) of the system. 21A 22A Two Māori members should be elected to the Auckland Council by voters who are on the parliamentary Māori Electoral Roll. It is intended to be one of the main documents out of which a unified District Plan will eventually grow. Councillor Billy Robinson. Auckland Council is looking into a code of conduct complaint following a councillor's alleged outburst about tree removal from Māngere Mountain. Tomorrow morning, Councillors Cathy Casey and Fa’anana Efeso Collins will be speaking to the Governance and Administration select committee in Wellington. The Auckland Regional Council was formed in 1989, replacing the Auckland Regional Authority. To ask for help or report a problem with our services or facilities, contact us. However, it later became clear that instead, the city's new Māori Statutory Board, appointed by the Maori Affairs Department, would receive "broadly ordained powers". Some columnists stated in 2010 that the post was the second most powerful public position in New Zealand after the prime minister. New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology, "Auckland Council Draft Annual Plan 2011/2012 – Volume 1: Our Region", "Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 No 32 (as at 10 May 2011), Public Act – New Zealand Legislation", "Super city's council Australasia's biggest", "Auckland Council staff numbers and costs continue to rise", Lessons from the history of local body amalgamation, Royal Commission of inquiry for Auckland welcomed, Minister Releases Report Of Royal Commission, "Local Government (Tamaki Makaurau Reorganisation) Act 2009 No 13 (as at 02 November 2010), Public Act – New Zealand Legislation", "Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010 No 37 (as at 21 December 2010), Public Act – New Zealand Legislation", "McCully uses authority to keep Nats in power", "Phil Goff wins race to become Auckland's new mayor after claiming over 47 per cent of the vote", "New Auckland Council representatives elected", "Panuku CEO Roger MacDonald resigns after mysterious leave", "V8 Supercar parties express concern over official audit on $40m cost", "Booze peddler to spin democracy down the toilet", "McKay will help build links with business", "Auckland appoints new council boss on $630k salary", "Auckland Council CEO Stephen Town to head new national polytechnic", "Local board nominees to stand without budget data", "Rodney Hide: Local boards will engage like never before", "This is a recipe for tears before bedtime", "Super City CCOs: Good and bad facets to business units", "Editorial: CCO powers show scale of civic shut-out", "John Minto: Unelected positions spell trouble for ratepayers", "Auckland's riches to be handed to corporate cronies", "Alex Swney: One simple step to avoid spectacular failure", "Brian Rudman: Show 'em who's boss, council", "Minister, mayor at odds over Maori board", "Far-right pair banned from speaking at Auckland Council venues - Phil Goff", "Phil Goff bans Right wing speakers from talking in Council venues", "Call for judicial review of Auckland Council agency's blocking of far-right speakers", "$50K raised for judicial review after controversial speakers banned from Auckland Council venues 37 min agoShare", "Campaign to force Auckland Council to respect free speech", "Free Speech Coalition files legal action against Phil Goff", "Free Speech Coalition tries to broker deal with council over banned speakers", "Court proceedings filed against Auckland Council for barring Canadian speakers",, All Wikipedia articles written in New Zealand English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with no coordinates, Articles with obsolete information from October 2018, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Julia Parfitt (Backing the Bays) – East Coast Bays, Mike Turinsky (Practical Not Political - Botany), Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Ltd. 6A The Auckland Council should include a vision for the region in its spatial plan. For other problems in your community or home, find out how to phone the organisation responsible. The elections were the third since the merger of seven councils into the Auckland Council, which is composed of the mayor and 20 councillors, and 149 members of 21 local boards. [73], The changes were seen as a potential "neutering" of the power of the new Auckland mayor to implement the policies on which he would be elected. [56], Some aspects of the reorganisation were contentious, such as whether all of the Auckland Region should be integrated into the super city, and whether the new structure allowed sufficient local democracy. I am one of 21 people governing this fantastic city. One of the mainstays of its work was expanding the parks network, and it brought into the Auckland Council 26 regional parks with more than 40,000 hectares, including many restored natural habitats and sanctuaries developed in co-operation with the Department of Conservation and volunteers. The 54-year-old was selected ahead of 27 other candidates, which apparently included several existing council chief executives. Others pointed to the fact that a previous integration of the many much smaller Borough Councils did not bring the promised advantages either, and reduced local participation in politics,[13] with editorialists pointing out that the (supposedly mainly Wellingtonian) proponents of the 'super city' have carefully not made any promises of savings in light of past rises in rates and utilities bills.[14]. Auckland Council (Māori: Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau) is the local government council for the Auckland Region in New Zealand. [25][26] However, when the Minister for the Rugby World Cup, Murray McCully, took control of the Rugby World Cup fan area on the Auckland waterfront in 2011 without first notifying mayor Len Brown,[27] columnist John Armstrong declared the myth finished. Auckland Councillors scrapped major projects today to fill a $550m Covid-19 revenue hole. Public art, galleries and theatres, artists in residence, heritage preservation and trails, archives. Councillor contact details for each of Auckland's 13 wards. ... councillor Richard Hills … There was a perception that these rural areas would receive very little benefit in terms of infrastructure for their rates money, and that they would be swallowed up by an Auckland that has different interests and character than their communities. For the current status of council services and closures - Learn more COVID-19 Alert Level 1 30A The Auckland Council should develop a Regional Waste Management Strategy, including strategies for management of organic waste and integration of waste management with other environmental programmes. [75][76], In early July 2018, Mayor Phil Goff announced that the far right Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux would not be allowed to speak at any Auckland Council premises on the grounds that their presence would stir up religious and ethnic tensions. Michael Lee is a former councillor on the Auckland Council from 2010 until 2019 and prior to it, a chairman of the former Auckland Regional Council in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2007, the government set up a Royal Commission on Auckland Governance to report on what restructuring should be done. The Auckland Council took over the functions of the Auckland Regional Council and the region's seven city and district councils: Auckland City Council, Manukau City Council, Waitakere City Council, North Shore City Council, Papakura District Council, Rodney District Council and most of Franklin District Council. Including the under construction City Rail Link, these two transformations are costed at approximately $5.5 billion over 20 years. These included the right to send one or two delegates, with full voting powers, to any council committee meeting, and dealing with "the management and stewardship of natural and physical resources". As set out in the third bill establishing the future Auckland Council, major functions (such as transport, water services and Auckland waterfront development) were to be devolved into council-controlled organisations (CCOs) controlled by unelected boards, operating at "arm's length" from Council. [70][71] Others, while criticising the lack of democratic oversight, dismissed concerns about asset sales, noting that amalgamation was likely to result in surplus real estate. The Auckland Council is the local government council for the Auckland Region in New Zealand. This plan will cover matters such as the limits of residential development and the zoning and densities of the suburbs and areas, and will assess how elements like transport and land use are to be linked. Report online if you see a maintenance problem in parks, community facilities or venues, beaches and maunga. Bishop Auckland Town Council is made up of eleven elected Town Councillors, further details are available on each Town Councillor’s page: Town Councillors Councillor Joy Allen (Mayor) Phil Goff is the current Mayor of Auckland, winning the 2016 election, which ended on Saturday 8 October 2016.[30]. [48] Auckland Council later changed the plan to allow 30–40% of growth in greenfield areas and satellite towns.[49]. Chairman of Hearings Committee, Councillor Liaison for the Youth Advisory Panel. [24], The mayor has significant executive powers, their own staff and the ability to appoint the chairpersons of the Council's committees. Auckland has been split into 13 wards, from which 20 ward councillors are elected to the governing body of Auckland Council. 27D The Auckland Council should prepare an e-government strategy as an intrinsic part of its proposed unified service delivery and information systems plan. In his first term as an Auckland Councillor, Watson worked to reduce Auckland Council's spending and restrict rates increases by restricting the business-class air travel of councillors to health grounds only and voting against the controversial 10 year budget on 25 June 2015, which included a transport levy and 9.95% rates increase. Southern and Molyneux had booked the Bruce Mason Centre in the North Shore for a speaking event on 3 August 2018. Waiata Rameka-Tupe with the dead New Zealand sea turtle named Tama Kahurangi, which had a stomach full of plastic, at packed Auckland Council meeting. Auckland Council is taking another step forward in its advocacy to central government for law changes to ban the private sale and use of fireworks. Auckland Council has declared a climate emergency after a meeting that had young Aucklanders front and centre pushing for the move. The 2016 Auckland local elections took place between September and October 2016 by postal vote. [62], The introduction of Auckland Transport, the CCO for transport functions (with more than half the city's future rate spend),[65] was discouraged even by the government's own Treasury and Department of Internal Affairs, as well as other departments. An Auckland councillor has hit out at "unacceptable abuse" by elected members towards staff after the tragic deaths of two council employees. [12], Until 2010, the Auckland Region had seven "City/District" authorities, plus one "Regional" authority. Where appropriate, current structures and/or memoranda of understanding should be transferred to local councils. Auckland is the largest region in New Zealand and home to 1.5m people. He has been an advocate for more investment in local youth and secured a youth centre in Glenfield. [2] The governing body consists of a mayor and 20 councillors, elected from 13 wards. [3][4] It is the largest council in Oceania,[5] with a $3 billion annual budget, $29 billion of ratepayer equity,[6] and 9,870 full-time staff as of 30 June 2016. [82][83][84], Unitary territorial authority in Auckland, New Zealand, Controversies over council-controlled organisations, Proposed Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux speaking event. [59], Several editorialists criticised the size and composition of wards for the election of Auckland Council councillors. [77][78], In response to the Mayor's decision, a group calling themselves the Free Speech Coalition initiated a fundraising campaign to mount a judicial review of the Auckland Council's decision, raising NZ$50,000 within 24 hours of their launch. There are also 149 members of 21 local boards who make decisions on matters local to their communities. Numerous residents of and (to some degree) the councils of the Franklin and Rodney Districts opposed their inclusion in the new supercity, and instead campaigned for retention of their councils, or inclusion with other, more rural-focused councils in the north (such as merging the areas north of Puhoi with the Kaipara District area) or the south. Decision-making for the governing body's areas of oversight is done by committees, a few of which consist of the whole governing body, and most of which consist of a chairperson appointed by the mayor and a subset of the governing body members. 21D: Auckland Council CCOs and their statements of intent should be subject to performance review by the proposed Auckland Services Performance Auditor. The council voted to approve the Emergency Budget in July. Water restrictions are in effect across the Auckland region. It followed councillors attending a closed-door workshop this week looking at its proposed 10-year budget, or Long Term Plan, which is due to go out for public consultation in December. 28A The Auckland Council should work closely with consumers, the industry, and central government agencies to develop a. There are also 149 members of 21 local boards who make decisions on matters local to their communities. 26M Watercare Services Limited should be required to prepare a stormwater action plan. Editorialist Brian Rudman accused the Local Government Commission of attempted gerrymandering in its draft proposal for one particular ward. [47], New Zealand Local Government magazine followed the story, and criticised the lack of transparency that would ensue from establishing independent CCOs. Further big elements were "Planning and regulation" at 14.5% and "Community services, libraries, emergency management and cemeteries" at 11.5%. [55], As of 2016, 38% of rates were spent on "transport", 27% on "parks, community and lifestyle", 16% on "environmental management and regulation", 8% on "Auckland development", 6% on "Economic and cultural development" and 5% on "governance and support". "[47] It also criticised, in the case of Auckland Transport, that with most of the expertise, staff and planning ability being held in the "semi-autonomous" CCO, the council would not have the central planning and policy role as claimed by the proponents of the system, but would instead have to share (or compete for) this role with Auckland Transport.

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