station yield maximization trials, on-farm tech-nology demonstrations with improved manage-ment, and farmers’ actual yields reported at state, district or province level by each country. Here, we attempt to clarify the definition of yield gap and the various methods used to estimate it. Six genotypes, two each for indica inbred, indica/indica F 1 hybrid, and the second‐generation new plant type, were grown in DS and WS of 2003 and 2004. This information is well documented for cereals but a lot still to be done on other commodities like potato. 2. These bond issuers create bonds to borrow funds from bondholders, to be repaid at maturity. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. The results show that the mean technical efficiency of the overall sample is 0.769 meaning about 23% technical inefficiency in the system implying that the sample wheat producers are producing at a yield gap of 659 kg/ha. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. (PDF) Yield trends and yield gap analysis of major crops in the world | Hans Langeveld and Huib Hengsdijk - This study aims to quantify the gap between current and potential yields of major crops in the world, and the production constraints that contribute to this yield gap. Based on this analysis, we identify the key components and associated uncertainties of a global protocol for yield gap analysis to produce locally relevant outcomes that can be aggregated to regional or national estimates. Yield gap analysis, in which attainable yields without nutrient and water limitations are compared with actual yields, can iden-tify how much yield increase can be expected by alleviating these constraints. The yield gap of a crop grown in a certain location and cropping system is defined as the difference between the yield under optimum management and the average yield achieved by farmers. This study aimed to (i) compare the grain yield of rice in dry season (DS) and wet season (WS) and (ii) determine climatic and physiological factors critical to the yield gap between DS and WS. Van Ittersum & Rabbinge, 1997 A dividend yield indicates the amount of dividend that a company pays each year relative to the market value of the shares. According to Here, we define yield … They found that labour use differences at plot level and variety types are main exponents of the yield gap. Typically equities have a higher yield (as a percentage of the market price of the equity) thus reflecting the higher risk of holding an equity. Yield under optimum management is labelled as potential yield under fully irrigated conditions or water-limited yield under rainfed conditions ( Evans, 1998 , Van Ittersum and Rabbinge, 1997 ). Production ecological principles YIELD GAP eg. The yield gap or yield ratio is the ratio of the dividend yield of an equity and the yield of a long-term government bond. One-step stochastic frontier approach with a Translog production form was used for econometric analysis. Ù[¾I9pHÛȼíÛsžr‘¬S™™S %lu®=Ä=0 NW-Europe), regions with humid tropical climates, and crops more susceptible to pests and diseases are all expected to have a larger organic yield gap. The main proportion of the total yield gap was caused by water deficit (about 89 t ha-1, representing 73% of the total), followed by sub-optimal crop management (about 35 t ha-1, representing 27% of the total). Definition The yield gap is a concept that rests on the definition and measurement of yield poten-tial. Figure 3. Our agronomically robust yield gap analysis for 10 countries in SSA using location-specific data and a spatial upscaling approach reveals that, in addition to yield gap closure, other more complex and uncertain components of intensification are also needed, i.e., The yield gaps were calculated as follows: YGE = Experimental station yield - Common-farmer actual yields (1) YGM = Model-farmer yield - Common-farmer actual yields (2) For the analysis of factors influencing yield gap, both types of yield gap were Downloaded by [Ghulam Murtaza] at 22:33 18 April 2015 converted into a 0–100 transformation, termed as yield-gap index (YGI), such that the higher the YGI the wider the yield gap … reveals how this gap is shaped. What is Yield Gap? Yield r eductions due to other lim iting factors Actual yield Figure 3. The second challenge in this endeavor is the While critics have challenged some aspects of the yield gap methodology, and the relevance of food security advocacy based on yield gaps, very few studies question the actual relevance, application and scalability of yield gaps for smallholder farmers (and researchers) in the … The yield gap analysis shows that 61%, 55% and 46% of wheat yield gap existed when the national average yield was compared with that of the actual yield at research station, farmers’ plot and potential yield at highland part of the country, respectively. Concepts Yield potential (Yp), also called potential yield, is the yield Yield gap analysis of adopted and non-adopted pomegranate orchards in 2009-10 30 30 30 8.83 In yield gap analysis “the relative importance of growth factors and inputs is investigated to explain actual yield levels and resource-use efficiencies and to analyze differences between potential and actual yield levels to open ways for improvement” (van Ittersum and Rabbinge 1997). Yield gap analyses are useful for examining differences between potential yield (Yp) and actual yield realized in farmer fields. Where multiple cropping is prevalent, yield gap analysis should target the system and its components; Section 4.1.4 presents an example of gap analysis in wheat-maize double crops in China. 313 324,1Deptt. published local and global yield gaps. cereal demand on existing production area by yield gap closure alone. The yield gap analysis provides quantitative estimates of the production constraints for a number of crops and regions and reveals the difficulty to measure and compare yield potentials and actual yields consistently under a range of environmental conditions, and it shows the difficulty to disentangle interacting production constraints. Yield gap analysis for crop-livestock systems Yield gap d Van der Linden et al., 2015 5% concentrates, 95% grass-based Charolais beef cattle, Charolais basin, France 18% concentrates, 82% grass-based d gap Yield gap Data: Reseaux d’Elevage Charolais, 2012 Gap Analysis Definition: Gap Analysis can be understood as a strategic tool used for analyzing the gap between the target and anticipated results, by assessing the extent of the task and the ways, in which gap might be bridged.It involves making a comparison of the present performance level of the entity or business unit with that of standard established previously. One can calculate the DPS by dividing the total dividend by total outstanding shares.On the other hand, the yield on a bond is the return that an investor gets by investing in bonds. To browse and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. Yield gap analysis of wheat-maize double cropping and its components 27 in the Hebei plain of China. 2.1. This paper reviews methods to estimate yield gaps, with a focus on the local-to-global relevance of outcomes. So far it produces only 44% of the potential calorie production while irrigated farming has … sulted in lack of consistency in yield gap analysis in the literature. On the other hand, a study conducted in Vietnam attributed the yield gap between male- and female-headed households to be man-ifestations of endowment variations and their returns fluctuations [13]. of Agril Chemistary & Soil Total yield gap for the production The empirical analysis found there is The Yield Gap is the difference between the yields of government-issued securities Bond Issuers There are different types of bond issuers. It aims at identifying major yield constraints and at defining quantified Yield Gap Factors We observed substantially larger yield gaps for rain-fed farming than for irrigated farming (S1 Fig). Affholder, 1995, Rockström and Falkenmark, 2000, Bhatia et al., 2008). Yield Gap Analysis of Crops in South and South-east Asia Yield gap analysis of rainfed crops in India By 2025, India’s population is expected to However, it is often difficult to estimate the attainable yields … You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Yield Gap = Yield Ratio of Equity Yield … and the average dividend yield on stock shares. This analysis is expected to help identify the opportunities and constraints for yield improvement with the implementation of the improved crop production and natural resource management technologies for the rainfed regions. Yields are potential, calculated with models; experimental, measured in researcher designed trials in growers’ fields, and maximum, average and minimum yield from surveys. 2. Agricultural biotechnology and smallholder farmers in developing countries, Crop yields and global food security,,Fischer et al 2014, World Agriculture Towards 2050 - the 2012 Revision, Yield gaps in rice-based farming systems: Insights from local studies and prospects for future analysis, Global agro-ecological assessment for agriculture in the 21st century. Central to this hypothesis is that yield potentials or potential The DOT1~lIdoption of improved Padd y practiced may be the rea on for a wide yield gap. Yield Predictions: Conventional vs. Aimulation Approach. The yield gap analysis is an important tool to estimate to what extent the production could be increased if all factors are controlled. INTRODUCING “CPA” An attractive method involving quantified yield gap studies is called “Comparative Performance Analysis (CPA)”. i within the range of 35 to 75 per cent. Yield gap analysis of rapeseed-mustard through front line demonstrations in agro climatic zone IVa of Rajasthan BL Meena*, RP Meena, RH Meena1 and CM Balai2 Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Distt.- Rajsamand (Raj.) The differences between these theoretical yield levels and actual farmers' yields define the yield gaps, and precise spatially explicit knowledge about these yield gaps is essential to guide sustainable intensification of agriculture. Yield gap analysis of adopted and non-adopted pomegranate orchards in 2008-09 30 30 30 9.41 7.6 11.12 5.75 3.07 9.34 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Maharashtra Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Yield (tonnes/ha) Potential Yield IDIPM Schedule Farmer's Practice. Yield gaps have become a useful tool for guiding development-related agronomy, especially in the global South. Large spatial and temporal variability was observed in the yield gaps of the four legumes across the production zones. ¯Û†BÉ0#À±Êb9‰þa•->ø³ÌiPÿ. The farmers’ average yield of crops is 1040 kg ha-1 for soybean, 1150 kg ha-1 for groundnut, 690 kg ha for pigeonpea and 800 kg ha-1 for chickpea in India. Assessment of the factors influencing yield gap In order to study the relationship between the ' factors contributing to yield gap … The latter consist of the simulation of the water-limited yield of a crop for a certain climate and soil, to be used as reference yield to estimate the yield gap, and of the effect of management factors to explore possible yield gains (e.g. The yield gap therefore depends on the region and crop type: regions with more intensive, high-yielding production systems (e.g. The average of total yield gap for the 30 locations was 124 t ha-1. Background of yield gap analysis Challenge to keep production on track with demand Identify regions with unlocked yield capacity Identify regional causes of yield gaps Develop options to close yield gaps . Dividend yield, one can calculate by dividing Dividend per Share (DPS) by the market value of the share. Globally, rain-fed farming covers 74% of cultivated land. ©J£ pGè©gԈÊWd´Øób‹ü è’eÊe2߁ôUª“ü'>ƒJ4Ér•Êä-æîŠÒ΄½ ?¶Sx)Ðnàd(ùåop»˜C4/Oòõf^¼§¾ä±J@âã 7›"ý/z|Å¡ßd£ *è3žh£¡'íP.Àù77)¤Ð+înؼ%îi­¾'æáäÚ¯À*¼@ŽD ÒD×ݵ­ã9§µ ¦“VðÁÑP¬J‹äha‘X7ü3[¼d¶Üü•66%G9œ,tp[Aæ‘ RQá붃¨-¤ no longer supports Internet Explorer. Systems analysis and crop growth simulation mod-elling … the average yield gap in Paddy in India.

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